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If you are here, you are probably part of the highly interactive, 2K community of @Greek.and.Green on Instagram.

I'm very glad to see you! 

Let me guide you quickly through the project.

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About the creator


Learning Greek is...

a unique experience to learn- not just how

to speak Greek as a foreign language,

but also- more about yourself, others, 

the world, and all of us,


as having been one 

once, in time...

 Aristea Kyriakou

 PhD (University of Aberdeen)

 MRes (University of Aberdeen)​

 MSc (Linköping University)

 BA (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)


"Aristea is the most inspirational teacher, borne out by this creative website.

I have learned a lot, just need to keep using it! "

Gill ~ Scotland

"A name that brings back the very smell of ένα μέτριο!

An intriguing and ambitious scheme to help in learning Greek.


The theme of coffee and informality are the flavouring to bring all levels of ability together. Encouragement to learn is open and welcoming and the opportunity to know more about Greece from others very tempting.


It is a good experience for writing in Greek and be guided and helped by Greek Briki, which really is the other members.


I would hope to see the potential in Greek Briki go further."


Alisdair ~Scotland

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About you & me

Right, if you are convinced that you can trust me as your Greek teacher, thank you! :) 

How can we work together?

There are several options.

Let me show you some steps next.

You can start by...

Once you have been approved as a member you can...

It's not all about writing and reading though. I want you to practice also your... 

Still need some extra help? Well, I am a teacher, after all :)

Last, remember before you go, I need your help to grow this project.

To support me grow this project,

please consider making a donation.

Your donations will be used to achieve our milestones, all stated and explained on this page.

Ευχαριστώ πολύ, Αριστέα

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